Vampire Temptation


Chapter # Description of Events
Chapter One Cora is working in her office and calls for her assistant. Both Holly — the one she called for — and Kelly Holloway appear. There is a short banter between the two, which Cora works to dispel by asking them both questions. As Kelly is retrieving one of the messages, Cora's mother shows up. Holly forgot to let Cora know she was coming for lunch. The relationship between Cora and Aquaria is obviously strained. Aquaria is concerned Cora hasn't taken a mate yet, as she will die before she turns fifty if she does not. Cora wants someone who loves her for her, and not for the affect her Siren abilities has on them. Brooking no argument, Aquaria has announced they are having a gala at her estate for Cora to find a suitable match.
Chapter Two Deo is staring out the window looking at Cora's office from across the street. His father, Orrin, enters the room and congratulates him on the anniversary of his unlife, now 20 years past. When asked what he wishes as a gift, Deo lets Orrin know there is nothing he wants that he can give. Orrin divines he is speaking about Cora, and after some grating words about her family, Orrin tells Deo he is officially making him his heir. That in doing so it would make him a worthy match in the eyes of Cora's parents. Deo hurries to the Judiciary building to try and find Cora, but finds Kelly in the office. Kelly eventually tells him Cora is at lunch with her mother, and Deo hurries to the cafeteria. He hides, seeing her with her mother, and not wanting to speak in front of Aquaria. Kelly shows up, and once Cora and her mother split up, he asks Kelly to cast a sunlight protection spell on her, which she does with the caveat that it may not fully work. Deo goes after Cora.
Chapter Three Cora goes to the gardens, and at the fountain she lets down her glamour and lets out her siren song. She only meant to sing a little but once she starts she cannot stop. Then Deo shows up, and she tries to quickly get her glamour back in place. The romantic tension between them is thick, and Deo tries to convince her that he would be a good mate for her. Cora refuses, knowing that when he finds his Beloved, he would leave her for the other person. Deo acquiesces for now, though there is something persistent about him that has Cora more interested than she should be. He walks her to the door and they part ways.
Chapter Four Deo makes a plan with his friend Tate to sneak into the Gala at the Murphy estate. Once inside he heads to Cora's room hoping to speak to her, but hears other voices with her and hides behind the curtains. He gets caught, and Cora swears her handmaidens to secrecy. She shoos them off, and asks Deo what he is doing there. He tries again to get her to be his, but she dismisses it, thinking her siren song has convinced him that he wants her. She states they are just friends, and that he should go. Deo is disheartened but intends on sticking around the gala to help her like a real friend would.
Chapter Five Cora stands with her parents greeting her potential suitors. After a string of uninteresting men, including an elderly fae lord, Deo shows up in line. It infuriates Cora's mother, but Cora could not help but be delighted. She feels a warmth in his presence, one that disappears when he moves on and other guests begin to introduce themselves. She's advised the fae lord has been promised the first dance, but when she moves into the main hall, Deo is there to take his place. He has apparently frightened the old fae away, and Cora could not be more pleased by the development.
Chapter Six Cora and Deo dance, while he runs down the list of her suitors. He goes on to describe the ways in which they are actually terrible for her, which Cora agrees with. She lets him know she doesn't plan on choosing any of them, and that she attended the gala just to placate her mother. That's when Deo has the bright idea that they pretend they are mates, that they are in the throes of recognizing each other as Beloveds. Cora is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees. They dance closer, and as the music comes near its end, he convinces her to kiss him. When she does, her glamour snaps and a cord of magic settles between them. Deo recognizes her as his Beloved.
Chapter Seven The power of their bond settling into place knocked almost everyone out in the ballroom. As they come too, Cora settles in to realize her glamour was blocking their fated connection, and that Deo was immune to the allure of her natural abilities. Content in knowing she has found her mate, she stands strong and tall when her mother comes raging at them both. After a heated argument, where Cora threatens to choose Deo over her family, they come to terms when they find out Deo is his clan's heir. Her mother stomps off, and her father congratulates them both.
Chapter Eight Deo carries Cora to her room. Once there they enjoy each others bodies while confessing their love for one another. Eventually, while making love they solidify their mate bond with Deo biting her, and Cora singing her Siren song which drapes magic over both of them. Once mated, they promise each other forever, and Cora's curse is lifted.
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