Vampire Reunion


Chapter # Description of Events
Chapter One Orrin finds a woman he is irresistibly attracted to at his son's wedding. The young witch is a friend of the bride, and seems just as interested in him as he is in her. They go back to his room, where he fumbles with the key — he did drink blood from some suitably drunk and willing donors at the wedding — and Sara, the witch, is able to get it open. Once inside they spend a night of passion together, with Orrin even drinking deeply from her before they both slipped into blissful unconsciousness.
Chapter Two Sara wakes up to her texts, and realizes she needs to get to work. After discovering her ripped dress, she takes the time to search the room but is only able to find a robe. Covered in the robe, she tries to leave the room without disturbing Orrin, only to find his bodyguard outside who laughs at her situation. Irritated with him, she is about to try and leave again when Cora and Deo exit their room. Sara is worried that Cora might get her in trouble with work, but the woman seems happy to see her. When Deo smells her father on him, Sara quickly makes her exit to the elevator where her roommates call and demand all the sordid details of her night.
Chapter Three Orrin wakes to find Sara gone, and very hungry. He discovers he can't hold down the refrigerated blood that was kept in the fridge for him. He speaks with Aiden and asks after Sara and gets rather possessive and angry when Aiden calls the woman his snack. Aiden is confused but apologizes and eventually Orrin heads back to his estate where he talks to Thayne. He tries drinking blood again, but finds himself only thinking of Sara's blood. He has memories of his Beloved Bryna, and after a conversation with Thayne decides its time he take a new mate, even if they aren't his Beloved.
Chapter Four Sara finds no joy in food, despite her roommates urging her on to eat more flavorful dishes that oatmeal with them. She can't stop thinking about Orrin, and finds herself lethargic, and just wanting to go to bed early. Kiki tries to convince her to come to a vampire party to work for her sister to make some extra money and at first Sara rejects the idea. It isn't until Mimi calls and requests her help that she decides to go. When they arrive, Mimi wants her to take the scarf off her neck. Sara refuses because she obviously has a vampire bite mark that she wants to hide. They argue until Sara finally removes it and reveals the bite. One of the vampires tells her she cannot work as it will remind their master that he is without a Beloved. That's when it's revealed the party is for Orrin.
Chapter Five Orrin is completely disinterested in the potential mates being presented to him at the party. He hasn't been able to eat in weeks, and he can still only think of Sara. After nearly vomiting on one of the women presenting themselves to him, he excuses himself. There he speaks to Rafe Santos, and wonders after his match with Iris Holloway. He's about to ask the other Master Vampire how he dealt with the social backlash of a mate of lesser standing with Sara bursts into the party, magic blazing. Aiden tries to stand in her way, and she magically tosses him aside and confronts Orrin. All Orrin notices is that he's suddenly ravenous in her presence.
Chapter Six Sara is upset that Orrin would claim her and then hold a party to try and find a new mate. She confronts him, showing him the claiming mark. For a moment, Orrin thought she belonged to someone else, but when Sara confirmed it was him, he recognizes her as his Beloved. Sara's anger drains away as Orrin kisses her, and they leave the main party so Orrin can feed and they can talk.
Chapter Seven They slip into a guest room together, and Orrin makes a promise to himself not to bite her without her permission. Sara see's how hungry he is, and offers her neck. He feeds quite a bit from her, regaining his strength once more. Sara knows they should talk, but instead guides him to the bed. She realizes he is her Resonate, and is disappointed in herself that she didn't know before. They make love, and when done, Sara questions whether she has the status he needs in a mate, which Orrin dismisses, knowing she is the one for him. Sara understanding he lost his first mate because she was mortal, tells Orrin that he can make her a vampire, and the book closes with Orrin going in for the bite.
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