Vampire Claim


Chapter # Description of Events
Chapter One Iris Holloway is very pregnant, with a child she has affectionately dubbed Bladder Squasher. She still has to do her work as an Arcane Sentinel, despite being so heavily pregnant, and is sitting in judgment over Kelly Holloway casting a truth spell at the trial of Luca Ravenna. As she is conducting her questions, she has a contraction, which freaks Kelly out enough that she calls for help. Iris' two bodyguards, Mateo Santos — a vampire and Brodie Sinclair — a werewolf, enter the room. After a confirming she was not in labor, the two bodyguards get into a pissing match which Iris quells by holding them with magic and then sending them on their way.
Chapter Two Rafe has returned to Othercross from Spain to be closer to Iris. He put distance between them because Iris was young and he wanted her to have a chance at living her life before they bonded as Beloveds. Rafe has a meeting with Tomas about clan matters, and the recent flare up between the Falkov's and the Ravenna's. Tomas has other news to share but is reluctant to do so. The reason why is soon made apparent, as Rafe handles him like a ragdoll when he finds out his soldiers have made themselves known to Iris, and that Iris is pregnant. Now that he knows, he has to go to her, and find out if the child is his.
Chapter Three Iris is in the Othercross Arcane Judiciary while Brodie and Mateo are still arguing. Tired of their antics, she casts a voice spell on them that makes them sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. After getting them to agree to stop fighting, she releases the spell. Then Rafe shows up, and she tries to deny her attraction. He tries to carry her off, but she attempts to cast a spell. He puts her down before she can finish and insists they go back to his home. She refuses, saying they should talk in the cafeteria. Rafe reluctantly agrees and begins to walk with her. She tells him the baby is his, and Rafe once again insists on them going back to his home. Brodie interferes, and Mateo and him get into a shoving match. Rafe uses his power to separate them and tells Mateo to go home. Brodie pleads with Iris not to go with Rafe, when she announces she has to pee.
Chapter Four Rafe takes Iris home, where he fixes her a sandwich. It takes some time as he has never done it before. Once the sandwich is fixed, they dance around the conversation they need to have, and Rafe massages her feet. She tells him that she is prepared to raise the child as a single mother, and about daycare arrangements for when she is working. Rafe tries to forbid her from working, and Iris laughs at him.
Chapter Five Iris is a bit irritated that he is acting like he wants to be part of her and the baby's life after he left her high and dry 7 months prior. When Iris decides to fix something else to eat, Rafe springs into action and does it for her with her assistance on her tablet and giving him instructions. The meal is good and they talk about their parting. Rafe explains he did it for her, that she was young and he wanted her to have a chance to live her life. Iris is upset that he didn't even talk to her about making that decision. After a bit the tension between them calms, though Iris is still wary. Rafe is willing to be part of her and the baby's life. She invites him to the nursery.
Chapter Six Rafe and her have a discussion where he wants her to move back to Spain with him, she refuses. He is apologetic and wishes to make up for abandoning her, and have a chance at winning her heart. She realizes that she still desires him, but she isn't sure if she's ready to let him into her heart. He draws a bath for her, which she takes alone and ends up falling asleep in. He carries her to the bed, and lets her rest. When she wakes she is glad he is still there, and things slowly become heated.
Chapter Seven Rafe and Iris make love and lay their claim on each other. Iris binds him to her with her magic to forge the bond with her Resonate, and Rafe bites her claiming her as his Beloved.
Chapter Eight Rafe takes it upon himself to call in to work for Iris, determined to not allow her to work in her condition. As he is settling in and watching over her, there is a knock at the door. Brodie is there and after a minor altercation between him and Rafe they end up in the hallway. Their scuffling wakes up Iris who has to intercede. She tries to tell Brodie they will talk later, but he demands answers. She tells him that her and Rafe are mates. This understandably upsets Brodie, but she asks him to be the godfather of the child, to which he agrees. Rafe and Iris return inside, where she instructs him to bring the tv and food into the bedroom so they can cuddle and watch movies all day together.

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