His Fiery Kiss


Chapter # Description of Events
Chapter One Elissa is waiting in her car at 1am with her father for his friend to show up. She's been assured by her ex-con father that his friend just needs a ride, and that he would have information for her about Wildridge Security. Unfortunately, Cray is wrong about his friend just needing a ride, as when the man gets in the car he is dressed all in black and with a ski mask on. He yells for Elissa to drive, and as she does they find out he was involved in a robbery. The scene shifts to Ragan coming in late to the meeting at Wildridge Security bearing donuts and coffee. His boss is talking about a burglary that happened to one of their top clients. Then he starts giving out assignments, and Ragan actually hopes for a field assignment. He is supposed to be the liason with a local shifter newspaper and is told he should canvas the neighborhood with her. Ragan doesn't think much of the paper and he sticks his foot in his mouth when he calls himself a babysitter and the reporter – Elissa – walks in.
Chapter Two Elissa muses over the differences between her Aunt Sanne and her father for a little bit as she waits for Ragan to be ready to go. As they head to his SUV she notices he is being more polite than he originally was, and once they get in the vehicle he asks for a reboot. He tells her that he is sorry for calling her a hack and he was upset about something else that had nothing to do with her. She agrees to the reboot and they talk on their way to the neighborhood they will be canvassing together. They find out they have a lot in common when it comes to their career trajectory, and also both notice sparks between them, though neither act on them. Elissa realizes when they arrive in the neighborhood, that this was the same place she was the night before. They go to several houses before they find someone willing to talk to them. Mrs. Witherspoon has state of the art surveillance but has no idea how to use it. Ragan is able to access the videos, and has a sedan on camera sitting there until someone jumps in the backseat. He's excited to actually get a piece of evidence, but Elissa walks back to the car looking as if she might be getting sick.
Chapter Three Elissa calls her dad and yells at him for getting her into the mess she was in with Wildridge Security while she is walking towards the SUV. After a short argument, Ragan comes outside and she disconnects the call with him. She's anxious now that she is the target of the investigation, even if Ragan doesn't know it. Once they are riding back towards the office, she tries to distract him by asking about his life, and finds out he has a big loving family, something she's never experiences. Sparks are beginning to fly between them again, a draw neither can seem to name. When they arrive at the parking lot, Elissa realizes he has parked right in front of her car, the same one in the video footage. In an effort to distract him from looking at it, she kisses him. Things get very heated, but before they can go too far Elissa stops, waving her phone at him, and telling him she has to go.
Chapter Four Ragan enters the Wildridge office, only to be followed in by a lovebird. Alice Sinclair, the pet store owner, is not far behind it. It takes some time for Ragan, Bellicent, Alice, and Charlie to catch the small bird but eventually they do. Bellicent was more keen on killing than catching, but obeyed Charlie when he told her to leave it alone. After that Ragan shows Charlie the video footage, he is assigned on figuring out who owns the car in the video. As he gets to work, he is distracted by thoughts of Elissa, going through multiple stages of planning a life with her. By the end of his daydreams he has discovered Clay is the owner of the car. The scene changes to Elissa going home, upset about how it's Ragan on the case and that she made out with him. When she gets home, she argues with her father about him getting her involved in this mess. They argue over her childhood and he casually mentions he put her through school with a fake scholarship. This terribly upsets Elissa who thought she had gotten through school on her own merits. Before they can continue their argument there is a knock at the door.
Chapter Five Ragan is anticipating catching Cray, so much that he goes through different scenarios on how he's going to do it on the way over. He wanted to do it in dragon form, but laws forbid such a demonstration where humans could see it. He practices catch phrases as he is waiting for someone to answer the door. When Elissa is the one who answers, he is in shock. She lets him inside, and tells him that Cray is her father and they live together. Ragan is completely devastated and confused, finally asking her what was going on. The perspective changes to Elissa, who tries to offer him a sandwich, which he rejects. Elissa does most of the talking, explaining that the car was hers even if it was in his name, and her family situation and how he grew up. When Ragan finally asks where Cray is, she said as soon as he knocked he shifted and jumped out the window. Ragan leaves coldly, leaving behind a business card, and speeds away as Elissa watches, upset that the connection they had now seems to be severed.
Chapter Six Ragan is furious about Elissa's complicity to her father's crimes, and is worried about his position too by not being able to bring in Cray for questioning. When he arrives at the office, another animal has gotten loose from Alice's shop and it wreaking havoc as everyone but Bellicent tries to catch the beast. Bellicent informs him that it is in fact two animals, a ferret and a ball python. Ragan joins in the chase after the ferret per Charlie's orders, and ends up with a ferret bite for his trouble. After the ruckus dies down, he tells Charlie about Clay and Elissa, filling him in on all the details of the encounter and their relationship. Charlie tells him to stay on the job. Elissa goes to hunt down Cray in panther form, finally tracking him down to an ex girlfriend's house. Cray ends up explaining why he turned to crime, and how his last job was with the wrong sort of people. He took six years in jail to protect her from being hurt by them, instead of taking a plea deal. After getting reassurance once more than Cray had no idea Buddy was playing him, Elissa decides she's going to work to clear her father's name.
Chapter Seven Ragan is searching for Elissa and Cray in dragon form over Los Angeles. He tracks her and Cray's scent to a river before losing the trail. He wants to believe that Elissa had nothing to do with the crime, but knows she was holding something important back from him. He returns to the office to find Elissa there and waiting at his desk. Elissa wants to make a deal, but Ragan's anger rises making Charlie intervene between both of them. When they don't take her first offer, she throws in the dufflebag full of the things that Buddy stole from the Bradford home. Charlie agrees to Elissa's terms and she confesses everything that happened that night, including how she threatened Buddy to get the stolen goods back. All that was missing was what was in the safe, some cash and a thumbdrive. Charlie order Ragan to find out from the client what was on the drive, and Elissa asks to come along. Before they can leave, Charlie gets a call and says that the contents of the USB have been revealed.
Chapter Eight Ragan is upset that Charlie required Elissa to go with him to interview Mr. Bradford over the sex tape that was on the USB. He still feels a keen sense of betrayal about what she did. Enough that when they arrive to speak to the client, he tells Mr. Bradford she is there in a purely observational role. They find out the tape is of him and his deceased wife, and recording was not something they normally did, that it was an anomaly during a vacation. Ragan and Elissa both ask after their relationship, and Mr Bradford paints the picture of a perfect, loving wife. Both are touched by his account. They end the interview and agree to go get food. They go for food, and talk things through. By the time the food is eaten, Ragan has forgiven her and they walk for a little while longer until they agree that they want to make things work. They kiss during the sunset, and Elissa asks to come back to his place, but he tells her that he has to work on the case. She asks to use the bathroom in the office, and he agrees. Something hits her as she sees the screensaver at the receptionists desk, and her full bladder is forgotten.
Chapter Nine The next morning a meeting is called with the full staff of Wildridge Security, with Elissa present. Bellicent arrives late, unaware there was a meeting called and is confused about what's going on. After some playacting, they call her out for hacking into the company files and blackmailing Mr. Bradford. She tries to escape, turning into a crow when Alice comes bursting through the door. Flying past her, Bellicent hits Allon beak first in the chest and is knocked out. They catch her, and Ragan is given the rest of the day off for a job well done. Ragan gives Elissa a ride on his back in dragon form, which is amazing to her. They end up going back to Ragan's apartment building, where things get heated. They end up in multiple different positions, but in the end they give each other the claiming bite, marking each other as their mate.
Chapter Ten The team at Wildridge are having a meeting to discuss their next assignments. They go over Bellicent's connection the Bradford, and what is likely waiting for her at Othercross Judiciary. Charlie is giving out new assignments and mentions a snake shifter from the east coast. Skypoint Security works as a sister organization to Wildridge out east, and apparently Allon has a friendly competition with one of their female dragon shifters. The scene shifts to Elissa and her dad waiting on Buddy again. Cray ends up telling her how proud he is of her and how much like her mother she is, which stuns Elissa. Cray has a new job in loss prevention thanks to Charlie. They are interrupted by Buddy jumping in the back and telling them to drive, but Elissa doesn't this time. Ragan slides into the backseat of the car with Ragan, and Buddy tries to escape. Elissa has already locked the door and he can't get out however. He's caught with a small score, and is finally getting his payback for dragging Elissa into this mess.
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