His Blazing Passion


Chapter # Description of Events
Chapter One Allon is looking for his mark, a snake shifter named Danque Anguis, by flying over the city in his dragon form. He is using magic to keep humans from seeing him, but knows this is the best way to seek out his quarry. As he is flying he thinks about the rivalry he has with Chelle Calidi, his counterpoint from Skypoint Security. They have a competition, even though they haven't met, where they go after the same bounties. As of this case they are tied, and allon wants to pull ahead by catching Danque. He finds his target, and goes in for the catch, only to be side swiped by another dragon. He realizes it's Chelle, and they tangle in the air before crashing to the ground. They fight a little longer in dragon form, before Allon shifts back to human form when he notices their mark gone. He asks her which side she is on, to which she replies her own. They argue back and forth, slowly getting closer to one another in the clearing. Chelle is prepared for Allon to lunge at her, but what he does when he did takes her by surprise. He kisses her.
Chapter Two Allon and Chelle are locked in a battle for dominance, though the fight has turned sexual. After a couple of position changes, mostly trading the upper hand, Allon gains a win in the war between them by getting Chelle off through oral sex. He begins to gloat over his victory when Chelle turns the tables on him. They verbally spar some more, Chelle determined to have the upper hand in this and show Allon she is the superior dragon, until they finally have sex and end up both falling spent together on the forest floor.
Chapter Three Allon returns to headquarters annoyed that Chelle flew away nearly immediately after they finished, and for the fact it was because of her that his bounty got away. He tries not to let his annoyance get taken out on the new receptionist, Tessa. Allon stops off by Ragan's cubicle, bumping into him and Elissa. Elissa goes on her way, and Ragan begins to tell Allon of the various things he's done to keep an eye on Danque's aunt. As some of the other team members show up, Charlie calls Allon into his office to find out what happened. Allon doesn't give him the details, and Ragan comes in with a lead on the target. The scene shifts to Chelle who is at a run down motel, hiding between two old vending machines and waiting to catch a peak at her target. That's when Allon shows up and kicks down the wrong door thanks to her telling the clerk to give out the wrong room number. Realizing its the room next to Danque's, she hurries to try and catch the criminal before he escapes out the back. She's too late and when she goes to exit the room, she runs into Allon. A few words are exchanged when they are back to kissing. They would have gone further had they not been interrupted.
Chapter Four They are interrupted by another dragon shifter, who is dressed much like a cowboy. He doesn't give them his name before disappearing, but lets them know he is the competition for the bounty. Both of them spend the next hour searching the grounds of the Halfway Inn before the desk clerk calls the cops on them. Allon asks Chelle if she wants to go for a drink before the cops show up and she agrees. They have a conversation over drinks, and agree to not sabotage the other in their search for Danque, and agree that the first person close enough to catch him would. They also agreed to no more hanky panky which seemed to be disappointing for both of them.
Chapter Five ALlon is called into the office early the next day. He finds Chelle there waiting as well. Charlie comes in and tells them they are to work together on the case moving forward. Chelle tries to disagree but her boss from Skypoint walks into the room and tells her that if she does not, then she will no longer have a job. It's made clear that Allon would also lose his if he does not agree. They reluctantly agree to work together, when they are told the Gunslinger is in town. They are informed he is a legend in the industry, and is also on Danque's trail. They are dismissed to get to work, and they argue over which car to take. Allon wins that argument, but then they argue over where to check first, the aunt's house or the Halfway Inn. Chelle wins the coin toss, and they are off to the Halfway Inn.
Chapter Six They search the room to no avail, and then go dumpster diving to see if they can find any other clues. As they are going through the dumpster, Chelle informs Allon about the power that Danque seems to have gained during his last prison stint. He can now paralyze larger creatures, including Dragon Shifters, not just small rodents. Allon is stunned by this information, and now sees why Chelle told him his straightforward approach might not work. Allon tries to tease Chelle, but only ends up pissing her off. It takes a few moments of talking to get her to calm down again before they start a full canvas of the neighborhood. As they finish up, Chelle admits she plowed into his side in the beginning to save him from Danque's hypnosis. They then decide to go stake out Jilleon's house after hearing that there had not been any more hits on her card.
Chapter Seven Allon gets coffee and snacks for the stakeout, and on the way to Jilleon's, he and Chelle talk more about her chasing Danque across the country. Chelle tells him about Danque's abilities and how she was on the receiving end of them. Allon compliments her on her strength, and she isn't sure how to take it, not used to receiving them from her male counterparts. Allon also thanks her for saving his life by knocking him out of the air the day before. They kiss, but are interrupted by Klent knocking on the window.
Chapter Eight Klent gives the two of them a little tip that Danqu might be at the bank near his old motel room instead of at his aunt's. The two argue over whether the information is valid or if Klent if just trying to throw them off the trail. Allon wants to go to the bank, but before they come to a mutual decision, Chelle makes one of her own, by going to knock on Jilleon's door. Chelle has a inner conversation with herself over her fears and what she's become used to in her life as she walks to the door and gives it a knock. Jilleon invites them in for tea where she tells them about Danque staying with her for a night three days past. He stole her cash and her credit card. She also said he came back different after his last stint, and said his new powers felt unnatural and evil.
Chapter Nine They return to the SUV and discuss the information they got from Jilleon. They agree to go check out Hometown Savings, while ignoring the sexual tension that remains between them. They scout through the parking lot and the front of the building with no sign of Danque. They then head around the rear of the building, when Chelle pushes Allon against the wall and kisses him. They break it off and agree to focus on catching Danque. As they stand there someone comes out of the back door of the bank. It's Danque with a bag full of money. All three stare at each other for a long moment. Danque shifts into his snake form and paralyzes both of them. Danque gives them a classic villain speech before turning back into a snake and beginning to wrap around them both to squeeze the life out of them. A blue beam comes from no where they can see and freezes Danque. He falls away from them, and Chelle and Allon have their wits about them once more. An old dragon stomps forward and shatters Danque with his tail.
Chapter Ten The dragon that shattered Danque was Klent, and Charlie congratulates them on working together as a team to get the job done. They discuss Danque's ability, as well as Klent's unusual freezing ability, when a large iguana interrupts the meeting. The arrival makes the meeting adjourn for now, with everyone in mostly high spirits now that the job is done. Allon leads Chelle to the roof where they turn into dragons and play in the air until they reach the forest clearing that started it all. Once in the clearing they tease each other before kissing. They make love, then make plans for a future together. As they are making plans a gift basket drops out of the sky, and they see The Gunslinger fly away.
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