Content Guidelines

For the term of the Real Men Romance World Publishing Agreement, Authors may utilize the storyline and fictional world characters from any works within the Real Men Romance World, subject to the following guidelines:

Prequel, sequel and spinoff storylines are acceptable.
All main and supporting characters may be utilized. The following may not be used as main characters in your books:

  • National Ruling Circle (NRC) Alpha Roman
  • National Ruling Circle (NRC) Beta Silas
  • National Ruling Circle (NRC) Enforcer Dane
  • Kelly Holloway
  • Brodie Sinclair
No canon main characters may be portrayed in such a way that is considered derogatory, against public decency, illegal, or insulting or denigrating to individuals or groups. For example, an Author may choose to write a story that includes Mason from Real Men Howl before he mated Lucy. However, Mason’s character may not be a serial killer or rapist.
No established character romantic relationships can be altered or changed. For example, an Author cannot have Mason and Lucy breakup or have one (or both) cheat on the other. All happily ever after and happy-for-now relationships must remain in place.
At least one canon character or setting must play a prominent role/appear within your work.
Any characters used within the RMR World are available for all authors to utilize, but ONLY within the World. This applies to characters from previously published works by contributing authors as well as newly created characters. None of these characters shall be used outside the World, except by their original creators.
All books shall conform to Amazon's content guidelines, i.e. no rape, incest, bestiality, etc. Celia and Marina will have final approval over what content they deem acceptable for RMR. Bottom line: use common sense when developing your story.
No version of “Real Men ____” can be used when titling your book. Otherwise, authors are free to title however they choose. Celia and Marina reserve the right to final approval.

Posted: 3/8/2020

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