Allon Wyvern

Character Full Name & Nickname: Allon Wyvern



Gender: Male

Species: Dragon Shifter

Residence: LA

Career/Occupation: Bounty Hunter for Wildridge Security

Physical Description: 6'7, tanned skin, sun bleached blonde hair. Pale green eyes. Dimples.

Personality Traits: A bit egotistical, and very competitive.

Important Life Events:

In a relationship with: Chelle Calidi

Other Connections:

Character Name [Insert link if applicable] Relationship
Ragan DeFever Coworker
Charlie Volant Boss
Thrett Lacerta Coworker
Elektra Mico Coworker
Wyntir Ignis Coworker
Dyrk Fortis Coworker
Bellicent Bleek Former Coworker

Character's Primary Book: His Blazing Passion

Character also appears in: His Fiery Kiss

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