Fae Lord Seduced


It's all fun and games until someone finds their fated mate.

Fae Lords just wanna have fun. That's Kellen Oberon's motto anyway, so when he's invited to a wedding in Othercross that no one expects him to attend, he's totally down to clown. That is his specialty, after all — deflecting attention away from his lack of experience as a clan leader with humor and a bit of levity. Besides, eager bridesmaids are the perfect diversion from one's own failings.

Then he sees her. Not a bridesmaid, but a sumptuous beauty who lights his every nerve ablaze. He must have her, and to his surprise, the sheltered witch feels the same. By the time dawn breaks, he knows Evie is his fated mate, but there's just one problem–she bolted before he woke. Now Kellen must track her down and convince her they're destined to be together.

Assuming her coven doesn't kill him first.