Fae Lord Redeemed


He blows her mind in an experiment gone wrong—yet it feels sooooo right!

After losing her fated mate, widowed leopard shifter Damisa Figueroa has spent the last decade learning how to live without him. Part of that journey entails crossing off items on her very long bucket list. Aside from the usual “Bungee jump over the Sanguine Sea” and “Get kinky in public,” the list includes going back to school at Othercross University.

Imagine her surprise when she goes to class one day and the stuffy guest lecturer magically gives her the most intense orgasm of her life—without anyone else in the packed room knowing! In spite of the sexy fae lord's apologies that it was an accident, Damisa is pissed. When the tongue-lashing she intends to give him turns into a tongue-lashing of an entirely different sort, he suddenly decides they're destined to be together.

Fated mates? That's just crazy…isn't it?