Fae Lord Bewitched


A centuries-old curse threatens his entire future…

If there's one thing Rad Oberon loves, it's a good puzzle. Mainly because—aside from his family and clan—he's alone. But his status as the last remaining Oberon lord to not find his mate in Othercross doesn't bother him. He's more than happy to spend the rest of his life single, if only he can solve the mystery of his family's scandalous past. And the best place to do that is, naturally, the library.

While hunting down an obscure reference, Rad meets the most beautiful witch. Despite her antique costume, Araminta Harrington is the loveliest creature he's ever laid eyes on. But just when he thinks she might be interested in him too, she disappears. No bother—she already admitted that she practically lives at the library. But the next day, the same thing happens. It doesn't take long for Rad to realize there's far more—and a whole lot less—to Araminta than meets the eye.

Just as he solves one puzzle, a far more life-changing one falls in his lap. Only, he doesn't know how to solve it—and he must, if he wants to claim his fated mate.