Fae Lord Avenged


He wanted revenge, but what he gets is so much more…

For generations, the four branches of the Oberon family have lived under a dark cloud of scandal. As outcasts in the fae world, they've suffered indignities and humiliations galore, and Dain Oberon is sick of the status quo. When all four exiled clan leaders are invited to a wedding at Othercross, Dain sees his chance to avenge his family name. Nothing–not even the objections of his cousins–will stop him.

Now he only needs to find a female to seduce… But not just any female–only one from the enemy clan will do. When he lays eyes on the sensual, beautiful and curvaceous Galwyn Murphy, he knows he's found his target. There's just one small problem: She's his fated mate. Now Dain must decide which he wants more: sweet, sweet revenge or the woman of his dreams at his side forever.

Because he can't have both.