Frequently Asked Questions

Real Men Romance is a collaborative universe with a mission to:

  1. To be self-sustaining.
  2. Be value-added to:
    1. the authors and professionals who are published by/work with RMR.
    2. the Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix brands and,
    3. the romance community.
  3. To be drama-llama free and efficient.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via our contact form found here:

Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix opened up their Universes to allow several different authors the opportunity to write in the Real Men worlds. They can write stories about established characters or introduce their own characters to readers of the Real Men books. Real Men Romance is the umbrella all of the books are published under. The goal is to give readers more of their favorite stories from authors who they may not be familiar with as well as provide support and mentorship behind the scenes.

Every Real Men Romance book occurs within the Real Men Universe and features some of your favorite old characters as well as possibly introducing you to your newest favorites.

Because what better fun is there to be had than sharing your crazy with other like-minded (sometimes crazier) authors. We love working with others and wanted to both mentor and support the indie community while spreading the hotness of Real Men.

Oh, that's an easy question to answer! Head over HERE to read more details about what's involved in writing for the universe and how to inquire about the next launch.