Author FAQ

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Real Men Romance world! Celia & Marina have ahmazing things planned for the world season launches and think you would be a wonderful fit but understand you may have questions. Hopefully this page will answer a few of the biggies that press on your mind. Feel free to read this and forward any questions you may have to

75% Author / 25% Real Men Romance world split.

3 Years. After which, you can request rights reversion.

Cover art form: 1/1
Metadata forms: 2/1
Final MS due: 2/15
Preorder live: 3/15
Launch day: 4/5
Cover art form: 4/1
Metadata forms: 5/1
Final MS due: 5/15
Preorder live: 6/15
Launch day: 7/6
Cover art form: 7/1
Metadata forms: 8/1
Final MS due: 8/15
Preorder live: 9/15
Launch day: 10/5

Wide at all available retailers and libraries.

Real Men Romance via the RMR KDP account.

Monthly via Paypal, within thirty days of Amazon payment as long as the amount due is over $100.00.

Celia & Marina don’t believe in undervaluing your work. Pricing will be based on length and the only time the $0.99 price point will be used is during a sale or for short stories. Novellas will be priced at either $2.99 or $3.99 and novels will be priced at $4.99.  Boxed sets will be priced at $5.99 or higher.

From what Celia & Marina have found, readers always feel that “longer is better.” From a financial standpoint, the longer the work, the higher the price point and also the more pages it has for Kindle Unlimited.  Trial and error have revealed that novellas and novels do best in the Real Men Romance world and that short novels at approximately 50k words are a nice balance between story, length, and price of $4.99.  That said, the minimum length acceptable is 15k words for a short story.

Celia & Marina developed a social media posting visibility calendar, book launch template, book launch timeline and compiled over 600 shareable RMR branded graphics to help you with marketing. You’ll also receive a short launch video featuring your book. In addition, RMR has their own reader Facebook group, newsletter list, and will support each quarterly launch with a marketing budget of approximately $5k.

Each author is required to send out a new release newsletter and post on social media in support of their own books. We also ask that they post about those books released during the same RMR “season.”

RMR does not charge authors to write in our World. Authors will need to pay for their final manuscript to be professionally edited before submitting to us, preferably in a Word or an open source Word-type file. Staff will read each submission to ensure world cohesiveness at no cost to authors. Staff will format all books (ebook and print) at no cost to authors. Cover art and professional blurb preparation will be paid for by RMR and the expense (not to exceed $400) recouped via royalties.

Yes! A detailed, searchable series bible has been made available via your author portal on You can also download the ebooks in EPUB or MOBI format from each series via the author portal if you prefer to read the books yourself.