The Importance of Planning Your Book Launch

A book launch is always a big deal. A great deal of time and effort goes into the launch and its success is dependent on the planning phase. This is why authors spend months ahead of the launch mapping out all the details.

Everyone on the Same Page

Book launch planning puts everyone on the same page. There are few people who can launch a book all by themselves. You may have freelancers, outsourcers, partners, affiliates, and others helping you along the way. As the launch manager, you need to create a big-picture view, establish good communication, and track progress of many moving parts.

Your Book Launch Schedule

Since timing is so critical in a book launch, you need a schedule that includes every task, deadline, and milestone. This is especially critical as the day of the launch approaches. A good schedule ensures that everything is ready for the big launch and any snags along the way can be dealt with.

Knowing the Market

You need to understand your target market and its needs well. A major part of the planning involves researching your market, choosing the right book and testing to make sure this book is what the people want. You need to gather feedback from your target market in order to refine your strategy.

Planning for Customer Service

On the day of the launch, you want everything to go smoothly. There will certainly be customer issues and questions. You need to be ready to deal with these issues and questions long before your customers start asking them. Have a good system in place.

Dealing with Unexpected Contingencies

Part of book launch planning is dealing with things that could go wrong. You need a number of backup plans for various situations. What if, for example, your book sells more than you're able to handle? Long before the launch, have a Plan B in case something goes wrong.

Monitoring Your Results

Once the book is launched, measure your results in order to see whether or not it's achieving the goals you set. Monitoring also gives you real data that you can use to plan your next book launch better.

Finally, proper planning removes the anxiety and panic of a book launch. If you've prepared well in advance, you can spend each day leading up to the launch implementing and monitoring. If there's a small problem along the way, you can easily deal with it and it won't derail the entire launch.

It's no exaggeration to say that planning is what makes or breaks a book launch.