Developing Content Topics for Your Book Launch

I’m not a huge fan of blogs for fiction authors but having specific content relating to your book is a great way to spread the word about your upcoming release. Long before the big day, start populating your social media posts with content about your upcoming work. You'll raise awareness for your launch and also establish a good venue for two-way communication with your audience.

But what do you talk about? Here are some ideas you can use for your book launch posts.

Book Information

A good place to start is by telling your readers about the book you're launching. Instead of writing content that's simply promotional, try to explain what your book is about and what makes it unique. Provide real informational content that relates to your book.

Your Book's Story

Write posts telling the story of how and why you developed your book. Start with the original problem you faced and how it led you to the development of your book.


Share and comment on news stories that relate to your book. For example, if your book features a sports hero, report on big sporting events that are coming up that he would enjoy. If you're selling pet health books, report on a news story about rising rates of cancer in cats.

Customer Feedback

Pre-launch, you can offer free chapters and advance reader copies to select members of your target market in order to get their feedback. Take the positive feedback you get and posts out of it. Present them as customer stories or case studies.

Influencers and Celebrities

You can do the same with celebrities or influencers in your niche. Give an influential person a chance to use your book and then do an informal interview with them about it. You can then publish this interview on your social media or website.

FAQ Posts

Take questions from your prospective customers about your book and write posts answering them. These can either be real questions that people have asked you, or general questions you would expect them to ask.

Create a good mix for your social media of different types of content so that your readers have variety and choose or create content with engagement in mind.